Teaching Strategies

Explosion of knowledge and its fast changing rate compels us to sharpen our tools and re-equip ourselves. Hence, we always ensure professional updating and competence of our teachers.Besides our own programmes, we invite academicians, practitioners, thought leaders, break through thinkers together in order to enrich our faculty and add significant value to the profession of teaching.

Strategy -1

Is required of education.

Strategy -3

Acquiring and integrating knowqledge.

Strategy -5

Using Knowledge meaningfully.

Strategy -7

Develop problem solving skill.

Strategy -9

Improve communications skills.

Strategy -11

Productive habits of mind.

Strategy -2

How do we achieve.

Strategy -4


Strategy -6

Create Situations.

Strategy -8

Design projects, survey, quiz etc.

Strategy -10

Organize debates, declamations, story, telling recitation etc.

Strategy -12

Inculcate human values and positive habits.