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    "If we nurture the dreams of children, the world will be blessed. If we destroy them ,
    the world will be doomed ."
    - Dr. Wess Stafford

    Principal’s Welcome

    Childhood is a world of sheer magic where colors are brighter, the air softer & morning more fragrant. Bringing up children is no simple matter. Parenting has gone a vast upheaval. Today the domain of the child has widened and parents have to keep pace with child’s growing mind & expanding horizons. We at Nancy International School firmly believe that education should equip a child to face the challenges of the world that are ahead of him & should help him to imbibe a secular outlook to become good human beings & better global citizens. This can be best done when parents work in partnership with the school. As parents & teachers we need to seriously consider how our behavior affects our children. What we do, how we act in various situations, how we handle stress & difficulty; all have a bearing on their actions later in life. We are working tirelessly & sincerely to bring a smile on every face & contentment to your heart. We keep the doors of communication open so that the wonder years of children becomes the most wonderful time of the child’s life. Every new Endeavour is fraught with difficulties, not because the task is hard, but because of the fear of the unknown; and until the first step is taken, the trepidation continues. Success can be achieved only through hard work & here at Nancy International,nobody is scared of going that extra mile be it curricular, co curricular or extracurricular. Both as a teacher & as a head, I know how much dedication is required of the staff to bring the best in each. The coordinated team effort that has helped the school reach its current position, I hope it will continue as of yore – for victory is not the medal of the individual but the ornament of the whole tribe. May god bless & grant us wisdom to raise a generation that will make us & our nation proud.

    Mrs. PriyankaMonga


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