We are living in exciting times. The influx of knowledge and fast changing educational technology calls for knowledge management. Hence, effective school management has always been a burning issue. I believe strongly that in this process of institutional development and educational planning and administration the vision and mission, ideas and ideals of the principal and management are very significant.

About Nancy International School, what impresses me most is that the school does not believe in just looking only outwardly glamorous but also lays equal, rather much more emphasis on its intrinsic value system — the quality of its human capital and harmonious growth of its students. The climate and culture prevails in the campus is conducive for peace education which is foremost requirement today.

I have seen the school growing year after year and feel great pleasure noticing the way school is progressing, Developing self-esteem and self-confidence of the students is the foundation stone of the Nancy International School. It has been laid on sound footings and strong base. The school has made many advances and achieved greater heights, especially during preceding two-three years. As such it can be justly proud of them and keep on marching ahead with rapid strides. I wish success for their all future endeavors.

- Mr. J. S. Bhandan


Education Officer (Retd.) KVS
National Awardee
Member Vidyalayee Shiksha Parishad, U.K.
Former Member General Body, N.C.E.R.T., New Delhi

October 17, 2014

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